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Polarity Manuals 1 and 2 introduces the work of Dr. Randolph Stone, the founder of Polarity Therapy, in a user-friendly way outlining the vast body of esoteric knowledge that Dr. Stone worked with. They have been written to make the invaluable contribution of Polarity Therapy available to the public, student, practitioner and trainer alike.

The manuals include techniques and procedures of Polarity Therapy in a step by step sequence with real life pictures for ease of understanding and application. They also contain an energy mapping of the consciousness that shapes and moves us all. They join the voice that calls us all back home.


Polarity 1 illustrates a basic knowledge of the way energy shapes and patterns itself to create the human energy field. It provides a sequence of hands-on techniques and procedures referred to as the “general polarity energy balance”. This is designed to reconnect and balance the basic polarities of the overall human energy field, and is a powerful tool to address most issues of health and wellbeing.

A series of self-help exercises known as “polarity yoga” are also included as a way to release pent-up energy, stimulate stagnant energy and realign the body and mind to the soul.

Polarity Manual 1 ~ $35 + postage & handling

  Polarity Manual 1  

Polarity 2 presents the in-depth work of polarity therapy as a journey of transformation. It follows the pathway of healing and liberation starting at the base chakra and proceeding through to the crown chakra. At each chakra the predominant element and what it governs in the body and in nature is explored. Techniques, procedures, diet, lifestyle skills, attitudes and exercises are given as ways to bring the self back into balance and to live harmoniously with nature.

Polarity Manual 2 ~ $75 + postage & handling

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  Polarity Manual 2  

Polarity 1 & 2 (download on PDF)
Polarity Manual 1 & 2 (PDF version) ~ $75


Polarity 1 only (download on PDF)
Polarity Manual 1 only (PDF version) ~ $25

Polarity 2 only (download on PDF)
Polarity Manual 2 only (PDF version) ~ $55



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