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Crystal Manuals 1, 2 and 3 cover an understanding of  the many layers of energy that work together to give rise to each one of us as evolving human beings

they reveal the health / disease processes at play in all of our lives, & provide means through the placement of crystals on & around the body, as well as an in-depth  use of a pendulum to release blocks to the free flow of energy throughout the body, to restore health, vitality, purpose & joy.

.In the understanding that human life is at the forefront of conscious evolution, these manuals are offered as a means through which we can all play an active part in this evolution through our personal healing & ascension.

Due to the interweaving of polarity principles throughout the text, these Manuals would make an excellent addition to the library of any Polarity Therapist.


Crystal healing realigning fragmented patterns of energy
introduces this unique approach to crystal healing. It provides a general understanding of the healing scope of crystals, the chakra system, sacred geometry, the power of resonance & spin, & our focus, purity & intention. It covers the placement of crystals on & around the body, the use of a pendulum as both a diagnostic & healing tool & makes it very clear that there is little these tools cannot do to restore balance. It covers space clearing, distant healing & much more.

Crystal Healing Manual ~ $25 + postage & handling

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Pendulum & crystal healing through the chakras  
takes the use of the healing power of a pendulum to a whole new level! Many healing systems work with hands, sound, light, colour, herbs, etc. to reinstate the self-healing factor in the body. Pendulums work wholly, simply & effectively with the energy of the body in terms of its movement & the way it spins or spirals. Upon direction, pendulums are able to access the way energy is spinning, the heart chakra and then thereafter they are able to bring that spin to its point of balance.  
This manual is presented as a journey of transformation through the chakras which you can systematically undertake in your own home, or through a series of 10 days as part of a group of likeminded people. It follows the pathway of healing & evolution, starting at the base chakra and proceeding through to the crown chakra. Each chakra, its correspondences & what it governs & resonates within in our lives is explored. Protocols for working with a Pendulum to clear relevant aspects & issues at each chakra are then provided. This is wholistic healing at its energetic best.


Pendulum & Crystal Healing through the chakras~ $55 + postage & handling



Healing Body Systems using a pendulum & crystals
The experience of working with a pendulum to release energy blocks over 15 years has given rise to an understanding that a pendulum can be used to bring whatever it is so directed into balance.

Just as in manual 2 we set about to balance the chakras, in this manual we set about to balance body systems, their organs and function. Each body system comes with an overview and a healing protocol which can be used as a guideline for healing. It is astonishing to experience the extent and depth of healing a pendulum can instigate upon request, in such a short period of time. With frequent use, a pendulum can become a greatly cherished healing ally.

Manual ~ $65


pendulum and crystals
Alternatively you can
Download the PDF versions

• Crystal healing
• Pendulum & crystal healing
• Healing Body Systems

All three manuals on Crystal & Pendulum healing
(PDF version) ~ $75


Crystal healing - Manual 1 only (download on PDF)
Polarity Manual 1 only (PDF version) ~ $15



Pendulum crystal healing Manual 2 only (download on PDF)
Polarity Manual 1 only (PDF version) ~ $35


Healing body systems using a pendulum & crystals
(download on PDF)
Manual (PDF version) ~ $45



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