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Polarity yoga is a system of self-healing designed to release energy blocks in and around the body. Through simple exercises, postures and gentle rocking movements it provides a simple means to take responsibility for one’s health and well being. It sets about to balance the body’s energy centres, fields and pathways to help the whole body and each and every cell receive the life-giving-force within. It also promotes a healthy flow of oxygen, blood and cerebro-spinal fluid throughout the body.

It is the gentle rocking movements enjoyed in polarity yoga that sets it apart from all other systems of yoga. This is the brain child of Dr. Stone who saw the power of movement to put a ripple-like effect throughout the entire human energy field. This rippling effect balances the opposing forces of yin and yang in the body, and establishes a powerful balancing effect throughout the energy field and nervous system alike. In a similar way, it is the natural choice of every mother to gently rock her distressed child until the sobs and trauma have passed.

The regular practise of polarity yoga will assist in all digestive and eliminatory disturbances, in respiratory difficulties and help establish and maintain mental-emotional equilibrium.

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