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My life and work has been inspired by my search for meaning and for the thread that unites all living things.

Born in Melbourne, I began my career in personal and spiritual development, as a social worker with the Children’s Court. During overseas travels, I discovered meditation through Prem Rawat, also known as Maharaji, one of the world’s great teachers from the East. I became one of his first instructors in the West, and addressed and taught people throughout the USA, UK, South Africa, Japan, Taiwan, Noumea, New Zealand and Australia.

This time of service to my teacher, opened me to the wellspring of life that pulsates deep within us all. This profound experience continues to open my heart and deepen my capacity to relate both to myself and to others. This period of my life has been followed by an equally intense period of personal healing, during which time I faced my deep core fears, protective behaviours and limited beliefs. I studied and practiced, amongst others, remedial massage, reiki, holistic pulsing, kinesiology & kinnergetics, polarity therapy and the emotional freedom technique. This combination of personal healing, study and practise has birthed an understanding of the way of energy, an intricate mapping of the human energy field and the relationship of the body, mind and emotions to the soul.

For the past 15 years, I have integrated my skills and experience in my private practice, first in Avalon and now in Bellingen, where I work as a therapist and trainer. I understand that as a result of physical and emotional trauma, the human energy field can reverse its polarity and sabotage health and wellbeing. Polarity reversals must be corrected and the integrity of the energy field firmly reinstated, for the body and psyche to become functional again.

In individual sessions, I invite trust and a deep sense of safety, to release deep emotional trauma and holding patterns in the body. I work through counselling, hands-on polarity contacts, crystals and a pendulum to correct polarity reversals and to release fragmented patterns of energy. I gently and lovingly support the process through physical, mental and emotional energy blocks, to a deep place of rest and stillness. The focus of every session is to free the soul to find its peace and joy, as well as its purpose here on earth.

Julie Collet, Dip. Soc. Studs; APP/TT, is available for individual sessions for Polarity Therapy and will travel for training and individual sessions, as arranged.

A letter from Julie Collet.